MANSI Media: A Newspaper Marketing Agency for the 21st Century

Bridging the gap between online and print media, MANSI Media is uniquely positioned to help you grow your business with highly effective, targeted newspaper advertising. We are a full service newspaper marketing agency and digital ad placement service that saves you time and money every step of the way — from market research and proposal development to ensuring your campaign gets placed in the print, online and mobile platforms where it will be most effective. Our company slogan is simple: Plan, Place, Pronto.

A Leading Newspaper Advertising Agency For Over 20 Years

The MANSI Media newspaper marketing agency was born out of the newspaper industry and, in over 20 years of business, our team of experts has seen it change considerably. We’ve helped advertising agencies, media companies and in-house marketing professionals bring their unique creative vision to print, online and mobile newspapers. We know newspaper marketing inside and out, online and off, and our industry expertise can take the hassle out of developing a comprehensive media strategy for your brand.

Comprehensive Solutions For A Changing Media Landscape of Print Advertising

At MANSI Media, we believe in the power of a comprehensive advertising campaign using a blend of the integrated products newspaper companies offer to reach an engaged audience. While there's no question online newspaper advertising and mobile platforms should be a large part of any newspaper ad campaign, print media is extremely effective in reaching specific demographics and regional markets. At MANSI Media, being forward-thinking doesn't simply mean anticipating new trends … it means getting the best value for your advertising dollar, so you can grow your business effectively

Unique Newspaper Advertising

At MANSI Media, we don't believe in one-size-fits all solutions. Developing an effective newspaper advertising strategy involves taking into account a number of variables: your budget, your target audience and the aim of your campaign. All will dictate the best ways to implement it.

While other newspaper advertising agencies are fretting about the future of news, at MANSI Media we know that, if anything, advertisers today have more choices than ever. This means you can both maximize your coverage and hone in on the specific demographics that will give you the best return on your print advertising investment. Whether you go for the “kitchen sink” approach or a more targeted strategy, MANSI Media makes the ad placement process simple.

MANSI Media: The Follow-through Experts

When you're choosing a newspaper marketing agency, nothing is more critical than selecting a company with a strong support system. At MANSI Media, we make it our mission to demystify newspaper advertising for our clients by providing plans and proposals that have clear deliverables. We also offer unique campaign software that provides you the stats and tracking to ensure your newspaper advertisement is meeting these deliverables.

The Newspaper Advertising Agency That Gives You More

Whether you're looking for the expertise to identify the right opportunities for your campaign, the flexibility to develop marketing strategies that capitalize on these opportunities, or the technology to ensure your goals are being met, MANSI Media is the only newspaper advertising agency offering full service solutions from start to finish. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Mobile Campaign Checklist

Mar 05, 2014
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a checklist for marketers running mobile ad campaigns.  The checklist covers three main points:

  1. Be sure to include mobile in your advertising campaigns.  Within a mobile campaign, be sure to include both the mobile web and apps.
  2. Design ads with mobile in mind.
  3. Consider the key performance indicators (KPI's) of your campaign and how they will perform on a mobile campaign.

If your campaign is running on a newspaper, broadcast or other newsmedia websites, then these ideas can help enhance your online placement.


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