ROP Advertising

ROP (run of paper) is a form of newspaper advertising that gives the editor or publisher the discretion to place the ad anywhere within the publication. Advertisers can also request to have their ROP ads placed in the section of the paper that should yield the biggest return for their investment. For instance, a retailer of automobile tires can target male buyers by having the ad placed in the sports section. Consumers often find ROP advertising helpful as a planning tool, as it assists them in locating information about sales and special offers for specific products and services they’re looking for.


Advertiser Benefits of ROP Ads

From the advertiser’s perspective, ROP advertising offers a number of important benefits including:

    • Immediacy – ROP ads typically allow for short deadlines and can provide immediate results for advertisers.
    • Reach – Ads can be seen by a wide range of prospects in addition to the target market.
    • Flexibility – Significant flexibility is available in terms of ad size, design and placement.
    • Less intrusive – ROP advertising tends to be less intrusive than radio or television advertising; in fact, readers often seek out newspaper ads that appeal to their interests.
    • Higher audience quality – Newspapers tend to be read by well-educated individuals possessing higher amounts of disposable income to be spent on advertised products and services
    To be most effective, ROP advertising requires creativity to capture and hold the reader’s attention. Readers are drawn to ads that use color over traditional black and white, as well as ads that feature a dominant element such as a product or company logo. Ads should also stress benefits instead of features and include a strong call to action to get the reader to take the desired next step, whether it’s visiting a place of business, making a phone call or visiting a website. A powerful offer should also be included to create a sense of urgency in the mind of the prospect.

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