MANSI Media is Your Print Media Advertising Partner

Savvy advertisers know that newspapers are a good investment for their print media advertising dollars.  After all, a whopping 147 million American adults read a newspaper in print in the past week. And best of all, MANSI Media makes it easy for you to get your message in front of this desirable audience. With just one phone call to our office, your print media advertisement can be on the pages of the newspapers of your choice – it’s that simple!

Did you know that 79% of newspaper users took action on a newspaper ad in the past week?  And 8 in 10 adults used newspaper inserts in the past 30 days to make a purchasing decision.  Print media advertising is an investment that yields a solid ROI.

Newspapers attract readers of all ages, so your print media advertisement is sure to be seen by your target audience.  The most recently released statistics indicate that almost 6 in 10 adults, between the ages of 18-34, read a newspaper.  Seven out of ten adults who are 35 or older read a newspaper; and nearly eight in ten adults 55+ are newspaper readers.  

In addition to the traditional run-of-paper/press (ROP) ads that appear in the various sections throughout a newspaper, there are many other interesting options available for your print media advertising.  Consider placing a popular “strip ad” on the bottom of the front page, or perhaps a removable Post-it note at the top of the front page.  This is the perfect way to draw attention to your message! 

Don’t forget about free standing inserts and creatively sized ad units, or adding color to your ad for maximum impact.   Color ads are perceived to be 33% more beneficial than black and white ads, and are 31% more likely to drive readers to the advertiser’s location. If you are uncertain about which print media advertisement option is right for your newspaper marketing strategy, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at MANSI Media will guide you in making the print media advertising choice that will help you to meet your advertising goals.

Consumers rate newspapers as the medium with the most trusted and believable ads, as most valuable in planning shopping, and preferred for receiving advertising information.  Be sure to place your print media advertisement in the medium that is valued by its readers for its quality and content.  You’re sure to be in good company.

Contact MANSI Media today and we’ll help you find the right solution for all of your print media advertising needs.

*source for newspaper stats:  NAA