We Can Manage Your Newspaper Classified Advertising Schedule

Whether someone is looking for an exciting new career opportunity or a cozy little apartment in that up-and-coming neighborhood, the classified section in the newspaper is the natural place to begin the search process. Therefore, advertisers who are interested in reaching this highly motivated audience do not have to look any further for a media outlet in which to place their newspaper classified advertising than their local newspaper. And to make things even easier, MANSI Media can manage and place your newspaper classified advertising in as many, or as few, newspapers across the country as you wish.  

According to the most recently released statistics from the Newspaper Association of America, half of all adults in the U.S. read the classified advertising section.  With newspaper readership over the past week topping 148 million, placing your classified advertising in publications both large and small ensures that a significant number of interested people will be exposed to your message.

The classified section of the newspaper includes many traditional categories under which you can place your newspaper classified advertising such as real estate (apartments for rent, homes and land for sale, vacation properties for rent), employment (help wanted and jobs wanted), and automotive (cars for sale).  There are other classified options tailored for more individual needs and interests including legal notices, home services (cleaning personnel, handymen, landscapers, etc.), yard sale announcements, pets for sale, adoption requests, and online college classes.

Newspaper classified advertising is beneficial to both the seller and the buyer.  The seller advertises a product or service to a particular community, for the desired amount of time, and communicates directly with the buyer through phone calls or emails.  There are no middlemen involved or extra fees to pay in association with the transaction.  Buyers have the opportunity to consider and compare all of the products that are available in the classified section and select those they would like to purchase from someone in their local community. This eliminates shipping costs and the uncertainties associated with buying from someone halfway around the world.

In a study conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, newspapers were identified as the most trustworthy or believable medium. Unlike national classified and auction websites that go unmonitored and unattended, newspapers offer you the benefit of running your ad in a credible and well respected medium that reaches those in your community who are most interested in the information, product or service that you are promoting.

MANSI Media offers highly discounted statewide classified ad networks across the country.  This affordable advertising option is a great way to get your message in front of readers across a particular region, state or even nationwide.  With just one call, you can get your classified ad in front of over 67 million readers across the country.   

Contact MANSI Media today to schedule your classified newspaper advertising campaign that can give you a single-source, single invoice, broad-market reach.