Newspaper Circulars – A Bright Future

As the media world changes and expands, retail advertisers continually evaluate their media strategies. While many believe that the growth of digital advertising is making newspaper advertising obsolete, research indicates that this is not the case.  For retailers, newspaper circulars are a large component of their advertising campaigns and based on the results of a research study conducted by A.T. Kearney, Inc., the future is bright for the newspaper circular business.

Kearney’s study revealed that newspaper circular advertising is here to stay for a variety of reasons:

  1. Industry experts have a consistent point of view about the value of newspaper inserts.
  2. Publishers are protecting the circulation of advertising vehicles, including adding opt-in products such as Sunday Select.
  3. Local newspapers are retaining readership and have high levels of penetration into their market.
  4. Consumers view newspaper circulars as critical to the shopping experience.
  5. As younger consumers age, they will turn to newspaper products to get local content not available through other media sources.

The study also found that retailers are committed to printed inserts as they continue to be positioned as one of the largest marketing line items. Many retailers have increased their use of circulars because they are the best tool for driving store traffic.

Newspaper Circulars Lead to Action

A key benefit of circular advertising is that it compels consumers to take action. According to a 2013 Newspaper Association of America study, 81 percent of respondents indicated they took some form of action in the previous 30 days due to information found in a circular or other newspaper insert. Circulars allow for high creativity in terms of layout and design that can appeal to shoppers on a visual level. Who hasn’t been enticed by a beautiful glossy picture of clothing or other products viewed in a circular?

Circular Advertising Provides the Perfect Complement to Digital Media

Many have questioned the threat of digital advertising and its potentially negative impact on the newspaper circular business. The A.T. Kearney study concluded that digital’s emergence is actually complementary to circular business. As these advertising channels continue to expand and evolve, the unique characteristics of each provide value to the retailer.

Whereas digital is used for information gathering and comparison, newspaper inserts trigger entrance into the buying funnel and are used to drive traffic to the actual store locations. Currently, there is no digital replacement for driving in-store traffic and purchasing decisions at the same level of circulars. There’s no doubt that consumers still prefer using a newspaper circular when shopping in retail establishments such as grocery stores to ensure they take maximum advantage of all specials and sales offered by the store.

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