Target Your Ad with MANSI Media

You know that scene in an action movie when the captain of the ship screams to load the torpedo bays?
You can feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up as you wait to see if he will hit the target.

But that’s Hollywood – the good guy always wins – we all know that.

Pinpoint your advertising with MANSI Media servicesBut how about you? You shouldn’t have to stress wondering if your newspaper ad will hit the intended target. MANSI Media will make sure that it’s a bulls-eye. Using strategic media research, MANSI Media will identify and recommend the best newspapers or Web sites to reach your targeted audience. It’s just that simple.

Looking for something out of the ordinary? If you can create it, we can place it. From special interest to ethnic pubs, alternative to college, domestic and international, MANSI Media will hit the target every single time. We can even help with polybags, newspaper inserts, post-it notes and newspaper advertising online with Web site placements.

We place and you pay the same rates as if you had called yourself. And as an added bonus, you only have to complete one credit application and you’re good to go.

Our Statewide Classified and Statewide 2x2 Networks each offer you regional and statewide options of placing your ad into daily and weekly papers for a flat fee.

At MANSI Media we also offer custom targeted geographical campaigns. No matter if you are looking to target people in New York, Chicago or somewhere closer like Philadelphia, we can help you create a perfectly targeted campaign. With our broad range of newspaper networks, we can create targeted campaigns for just about anywhere in the nation.

Bottom line: we can save you time and money and help you look like a hero. Stop stressing and call us today. We will do the rest – on time and on target.