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Localize Your Ad Campaigns

"Click-through rates are 6%-8% higher on mobile search ads featuring local telephone numbers"

Do you want to give your ad campaigns more impact? Recent studies suggest that you can do this by localizing your advertising.

A fourth-quarter study by Internet2Go found that 80% of consumer respondents prefer ads that are locally relevant. Data from this study also indicated that locally relevant ads are more engaging regardless of where consumers are in the purchase process.

The study points out that roughly 80% of U.S. disposable income is spent within 10-20 miles of home and, increasingly, this offline spending is influenced by online and mobile messages. It is widely known that consumers research products online prior to purchasing them in a store. Advertisers should be aware of this when crafting advertising messages.

According to mobile network ThinkNear, even the simple mention of a location or city name in a mobile ad can improve click-through rates by 200%. Additionally, Google recently reported that click-through rates are 6%-8% higher on mobile search ads featuring local telephone numbers as opposed to those without.

By geotargeting your ads and localizing your ad creative, you can increase engagement and ad performance for your display and mobile ad campaigns. Contextual relevance impacts advertising receptivity and performance. Campaign effectiveness increases when businesses use localized messages to reach local audiences on trusted, local sites.

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