Newspaper Industry Statistics and Data

The Power of Newspapers, Print and Digital

People frequently ask us for the latest newspaper industry statistics highlighting readership information and newspaper advertising trends and we are always eager to share the good news.  Newspaper industry trends indicate that newspaper readership is robust, and newspaper advertising statistics continue to show that newspapers reach the educated and affluent audience that advertisers want to reach.

Newspaper Readership is Impressive!

The most recent newspaper industry trends confirm that newspapers have a large and loyal base of readers.

  • More than 164 million U.S. adults, or 7 out of 10, read a print or digital newspaper each week.
  • Newspaper websites have more than 173 million unique visitors each month which is 82% of all active Internet users
  • 58% of adults aged 18-34, and more than 71% of adults aged 35+, read a newspaper
  • 76% of households with income above between $100K are newspaper readers
  • 68 million adults access newspaper content on their smartphone or tablets in a typical month


Newspaper Advertising Makes the Cash Register Ring

Newspaper advertising trends indicate that newspapers are THE place to invest your advertising dollars!  Newspapers and their integrated products reach an educated and affluent audience who are avid shoppers. Check out these newspaper advertising statistics.

  • 79% of all U.S. adults have acted on newspaper advertising in the past 30 days including 48% who made newspaper ad-driven purchases
  • 63%  of newspaper readers read the ads when paging through their newspaper
  • Newspapers are the leading medium consumers use for coupons.  Seven in 10 adults cite the Sunday or weekday editions as coupon sources.
  • 41% of newspaper readers made an unplanned purchase from information conveyed in an insert
  • Newspapers are twice as likely to bring sales to your attention compared to television, direct mail and online
  • Consumers rate newspapers as the media…
    • With the most trusted and believable ads
    • Most valuable when making shopping planning and purchase decisions
    • Preferred source for receiving advertising information
    • Which contains advertising that you consult from the stores that you regularly shop
    • That includes advertising that you look forward to seeing

Sources: NAA Sensemaker Report 2013,  How America Shops and Spends 2014

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