Millennials are Newspaper Readers

Nov 05, 2013

Over 100 million Americans read a newspaper in print or online each weekday. Conventional wisdom might lead you to believe that there are not a lot of young readers included in this number. The millennial generation (generally considered to be those born between 1980 and 2000) grew up with digital devices at their fingertips and are quick to embrace new technology. However, recent studies show that members of this digitally savvy generation still value newspapers.

A 2013 Scarborough research report shows that 57% of people ages 18-34 read newspapers, in print or online, in an average week. This statistic should be eye opening for those who might have assumed that millennials are not interested in news media content.

One reason why this generation still connects to newspapers may be found in another recent study by Nielsen. In this study, 60% of those 18-34 who used a newspaper in print or online considered their local newspaper to be “trustworthy,” while only 43% of those who use social media sites gave these sites the same ranking. As members of this group grow from carefree college students to married office workers with mortgages and kids on the way, their interest level in the news of the community around them also grows.

Another recent study from Valassis, the “RedPlum Purse String Survey,” showed that millennials rely more heavily on print when it comes to shopping than you might think. 51% indicated that newspapers are their number one source for coupons and deals, followed by emails/coupon alerts and Internet searches. This is not to say that this age group is not taking advantage of digital deals and offers. In fact, 27% of millennials said they are using mobile coupons compared to just 17% of the general population.

In addition, the recent NAA “How America Shops and Spends” study found that 68% of those ages 18-24 and 75% of those ages 25-34 acted on a print newspaper advertisement in the past month by visiting a store, clipping a coupon, becoming aware of a sale or going to a website for more information. Although those consumers who are a part of the millennial generation are heavy digital users, it is clear from these studies that they also appreciate the value of content and savings from news media publications.

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