Reach Affluent Luxury Shoppers through Newspapers

Jul 27, 2013

Affluent consumers with over $100,000 in household income are a natural target audience for marketers due to their higher buying power and disposable income. Newspapers and their digital products excel at reaching this desirable audience. 

Two out of three affluent consumers are open to discovering new luxury products and experiences this year, and three-quarters of them are planning on making apparel purchases during the next year.

Sixty-three percent of consumers who plan to buy luxury products, and have a household income of more than $500,000, and sixty-five percent of consumers with household income of at least $250,000, said that they find advertisements in newspapers to be the most effective compared to other channels. Affluent consumers also engage with newspapers in the following manner:

  • 86% read newspapers in print.
  • 39% read newspapers on computers.
  • 14% read newspapers on smartphones.
  • Seven million downloaded a newspaper app last year.
  • They are 77% more likely to read a newspaper or visit a newspaper website.
  • They are 80% more likely to view newspaper content with their mobile device.

Affluent consumers rely on newspapers to help make purchasing decisions. More than 80 percent of adults took action after seeing an ad in the newspaper, and more than half made a purchase. Of those who read advertisements in the newspaper in past 30 days:

  • 64% have household income of $250,000+
  • 61% have household income of $500,000+

Newspaper preprint circulars are also popular with consumers. More than half of affluent readers indicate that newspapers are their preferred source for receiving advertising circulars. Of those who read inserts the past 30 days:

  • 73% have a household income of between $100,000 - $149,999
  • 74% have a household income of $150,000+

In a recent survey, newspapers ranked first for being the most ”believable and trustworthy,” as well as the most “engaging,” most “ethical/has the public’s best interest at heart,” the place where consumers “usually notice advertising,” and the medium from which consumers are most “likely to purchase.”

Aligning advertising messaging with trusted newspaper content can increase reader engagement and lend credibility to a marketer’s campaign.

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