Optimize Your Media Plans with MANSI’s Analysis Tools

Jul 26, 2013

Choosing how to allocate your client’s advertising budget in this fragmented media world has become an increasing challenge. Media options seem endless and pressure to demonstrate ROI and increase market share continues to grow. How can you be sure that the media outlets you’re choosing will give your clients the best possible results?

Allow MANSI Media to assist! With our proprietary analysis tools, MANSI can help optimize your media recommendations. MANSI’s team of buyers and analysts will take your strategic planning to another level with our advanced analytics tools. First, we’ll learn about your target audience and your current media buys. We’ll then plug in your parameters to our custom tools and make recommendations to optimize your media coverage and eliminate any waste.

Here are just a few of the analytic services we offer:

  • Household penetration data
  • Coverage maps – zip code and sub zip levels
  • Maps showing traffic routes and drive times
  • Demographic profiles – by zip code, city, county, etc.
  • ABC, CAC, VAC audit data
  • Non-audited newspaper distribution data
  • Target audience analysis
  • Media efficiency examination
  • Distribution recommendations by market
  • New store/location market analysis

After the analysis is complete, we’ll make recommendations on how to tweak your print and digital buys to make them efficient and effective. Our end goal is to create media plans that will provide you with the maximum return on your investment dollars.

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