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Reading through the industry trade publications, you can’t help but notice the amount of space dedicated to the discussion of data. From data mining to new metrics systems, advertising decision makers are becoming more interested in, and reliant on, verifiable facts and figures to help make their media choices. With the proliferation of media fragmentation, it’s understandable that conscientious media professionals are looking for tools to confirm that their recommendations are well designed to reach their target audience.

Scarborough Research™ provides qualitative and quantitative data that can help you better understand a particular market, consumer or media option. As a MANSI Media client, we will provide you with research assistance and reporting from the 2,000 categories and brands, in the 77 largest markets in the U.S., measured by Scarborough. This information includes comprehensive retail shopping behaviors, lifestyle characteristics, in-depth consumer demographics, and media usage patterns. So whether you’re trying to determine the newspapers that are most read by new car buyers, or identifying the top local websites visited by art museum patrons, MANSI Media is your source for answers to your questions.

Also included in the Scarborough data is the increasingly popular measurement of Index. Index evaluates a consumer’s likelihood to do something, or not do something, as compared to the behaviors of the national average. An index of 100 is par with the national average. An index above 100 indicates that a consumer is more likely to do something, and an index below 100 signifies that the consumer is less likely to do something. Incorporating this information into your media planning process will allow you to see whether your target audience is more likely or less likely to engage with your media choices.

Contact your MANSI Media representative today to learn more about our research capabilities, including Scarborough, or to request a report. As our client, you can rest assured knowing that your media plans are sound.

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