Consumers Rely on Newspapers to Plan Shopping Purchases

In the past week, at least half of the consumers who shopped for furniture, home furnishings, appliances or electronics made a purchase. To help plan for this buy, newspapers were cited as one of the top three mediums used by these shoppers in the past week, according to the Newspaper Association of America’s 2011 report, How America Shops and Spends.

Newspaper and newspaper Website Usage among Shopper Categories
Shopped for in Past 7 Days Read Newspaper Past 7 Days Visited Newspaper Website Past 7 Days
Home furnishings, decorations 75% 36%
Furniture of any kind 76% 40%
Small Appliances 71% 37%
Large Appliances 74% 40%
TV or home entertainment equipment 71% 34%

When asked whether the customer shopped for any of the following items in the past seven days and/or purchased the item, the response was as follows:

Percent of Adults Shopping/Purchasing by Category in the Past Week
Shopped Purchased
Home furnishings, decorations 13% 10%
Furniture of any kind 6% 4%
Small Appliances 7% 5%
Large Appliances 4% 2%
TV or home entertainment equipment 8% 6%

Interestingly, the report notes that some purchase decisions are made well in advance of the actual buy. For larger items like furniture and large appliances, most consumers decide to shop for the particular item more than two weeks in advance.

For smaller items like electronics and small appliances, most consumers decide to shop for the item on the same day.

For planning purposes, retailers within these categories may want to reevaluate their current newspaper advertising strategy. Since larger purchases generally require a longer lead time, a retailer catering to this type of business may opt to run larger ads, less frequently. On the other hand, a retailer selling smaller items may benefit from inserting smaller ads more frequently, as these purchases tend to be more spontaneous in nature.

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