Nobody Puts Baby (Boomers) in a Corner

When targeting advertising prospects, many marketers tend to focus on the 25-44 year-old audience – hoping to earn both a share of their business and their brand loyalty. Those between the ages of 48 and 66, otherwise known as the Baby Boomer generation, are often an overlooked, untapped market – and you have to wonder why. Baby boomers number 78 million across the United States and hold seventy percent of its wealth.

In addition, baby boomers:

  • Have more discretionary income than any other age group (accounting for more than $7 trillion in wealth).
  • Possess the greatest buying power in the history of the U.S., currently driving 40% of total consumer demand.
  • Are as active as ever.
  • 76% plan to live in the same size or larger home than their current residence in retirement.
  • Are avid travelers - 60 million took at least one trip in the last year.
  • Like to have fun - more than 22 million attended a live sporting event last year.
  • And, most importantly, they plan to spend money this year!
(Source:, MediaPost’s Engage: Boomers, and AARP)

Purchasing Power of Baby Boomers

According to the most recently released Scarborough Research reports, the top items that Adults 50+, living in the top 5 DMA’s in the United States, plan to purchase in the next year include:

  • Mattress
  • Furniture
  • Major appliance
  • Computer
  • High-definition television
  • Energy saving appliance
  • iPad
  • Smartphone
  • Digital camera
  • eReader
  • Blu-ray disc player
  • Pest control service
(Source: 2011 Release 2 – Scarborough Report. Copyright 2012 Scarborough Research. All rights reserved.)

Newspapers Form Decisions

As advertisers recognize the buying power associated with this group and begin to include them in their target demographics, be sure that the advertising message is reaching the desired audience in a way that is efficient and effective.

The Newspaper Association of America (NAA) recently released a report titled, “How America Shops & Spends,” that details the media habits of baby boomers. Newspapers are cited as the medium used most often by this audience (and by all adults) for shopping planning and purchase decisions.

Media Used in Past 7 Days for Shopping Planning and Purchase Decisions
All Adults(Age 18+) Baby Boomers(Age 50-64)
All Media Listed 86% 88%
Newspapers 52% 59%
Net Online 48% 44%
Store or product info that comes via email 31% 30%
Ads that appear on your local newspaper's website 17% 18%
Ad displays on general interest websites, e.g. Yahoo, MSN, etc. 16% 14%
Ads on the right side of the screen when using a search engine 11% 10%
Ads on social network sites, e.g. Facebook, MySpace, etc. 10% 4%
Ads appearing on your handheld device, e.g. cell phone, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. 4% 2%
Ads shown on video games 4% 2%
Product displays in stores 47% 49%
Direct mail, ads in the mail 42% 44%
Television 36% 36%
Magazines 21% 21%
Advertising videos in malls or stores 17% 15%
Radio 16% 17%
Yellow Pages book 10% 10%
Billboards 8% 7%

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