First New Circulation Report from ABC Released: Welcome to a new world of reporting

Jun 21, 2011

More than three years in the making, the new ABC FAS-FAX report has been released and its impact is starting to be felt throughout the media landscape.  With this new report newspapers can move beyond simple paid circulation as a core statistic and start to view their audience through engagement and intention.

“So, when one steps back and looks at it, it is a very big step forward in terms of reporting a much more comprehensive view of a newspaper’s brand and distribution as well as distribution by platform,” Mike Lavery, president and managing director of ABC. “Newspapers and media are being consumed in not only new digital ways but by a greater and increasing number of mobile and digital platforms. This allows newspapers the opportunity to demonstrate that they reach their audience and therefore their advertisers’ audiences in these ways, and so I think that’s very significant for newspapers as well.”

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