Newspapers: Alive and Kicking

May 27, 2011

Newspapers remain a vibrant source of news, both in print and online.  Offering in-depth hard news; The Eagle Tribune in Lawrence Massachusetts recent outed a government official for working a mere 15-hours a week and collection a salery over $150,000.  As well as new and interesting advertising opportunities; from Philadelphia Inquirer's 3D experiment in 2010 to the large number of mobile offerings springing up throughout the country.

An article by the The Economic Times offers an interesting commentary and some useful information.

"A recent study by a French Internet company has concluded that it is "easier to assimilate and retain information read in a newspaper than on an iPad." The study build on earlier research that showed, using eye tracking technology, that web purveyors read in an "F-shaped" pattern, i.e., they read the first few lines of a story keenly before tapering off towards the bottom. The French study also showed that newspaper readers were able to retain more of the information they read than iPad readers. Further analysis showed that the eyes linger longer on the paper than on the digital version; just 70% of participants recall an article read on an iPad, compared with 90% for paper."


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