Newspaper Survey Industry Results

Amidst all the talk about the struggles of print media, two recent studies provide some positive research data for the newspaper industry.

According to a January 2011 comScore study, newspaper websites drew an average monthly audience of 105.3 million unique visitors, 62 percent of all adult Internet users, in the fourth quarter of 2010. Newspaper websites continue to attract key demographics, reaching 58 percent of 25 to 34 year olds and 73 percent of individuals in households earning more than $100,000 a year on average throughout the quarter. Findings from this study also suggest that these readers are an engaged audience, with newspaper website visitors producing an average of 4.1 billion page views each month and spending nearly 3.4 billion minutes browsing the sites.

Figures released by the Newspaper Association of America in early December show that online advertising generated $690 million for newspapers in last year’s third quarter, a nearly 11 percent increase from the same period a year earlier.

In addition, the latest survey from Scarborough Research shows that more than 71 percent of adults, or 165.6 million people, read a newspaper in print or online in the last week. This Scarborough data indicates that newspapers continue to attract consumers with buying power, with 80 percent of adults in households earning $100,000 or more reading a newspaper in print or online each week.

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