Print Ad Design

Oct 01, 2009

Effective print ads stop the reader from turning the page and tell what the product will do for the customer. You must stop the reader’s eye in less than a second, and hold it for at least three seconds to make an impression. Here are a few basic design points to keep in mind when creating a newspaper ad:

  1. Always stress the benefits. Always advertise the benefits to the consumer of the product or service that you are advertising, not the features. Answer the reader’s most basic question: “What’s in it for me?”
  2. Include a call to action. Use words such as “Call now,” “Visit our Web site,” or “Bring in this coupon.” Use short phrases with action words.
  3. Use white space effectively. Large areas of black or white catch the eye – use minimal text on larger black or white backgrounds for black and white ads.
  4. Use color. Color ads draw 60 percent more in-depth reading than black and white and 40 percent more than spot color.
  5. Feature a dominant element. Showcase a product or a logo. Put a logo and contact information in bottom right corner as this is the best placement to catch a reader’s eye.
  6. Limit your fonts. In order to give your ad a clean look, never use more than three fonts in your ad.

To create a strong print ad, you must use the basic principles of design; however, always keep in mind that an ad can only be as good as the offer it is showcasing.

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