Newspaper Readership Comparisons

Feb 01, 2010

In today’s advertising world, buzz words are constantly thrown around without much thought as to what they really mean. We analyze the effectiveness of a campaign using terms like impressions, circulation, unique users, viewership, and many more. As one could imagine, this becomes quite the convoluted mess when trying to get an apples to apples comparison from one medium to another. For instance, newspapers have recently gone back to talking about their audience in terms of readership rather than circulation numbers. The readership numbers for newspapers offer a better comparison to other media because it shows the total number of people looking at a particular product rather than just the total amount of the product available. Not using readership numbers would be like television counting the number of TV’s that are on a certain show rather than the number of viewers watching each of those TV’s; or radio counting the number of radios that are tuned into a certain station rather than the number of listeners who are hearing that one station.

Depending on specific market details, the national average of readership is around 2.1 times the overall circulation. Below are a few startling comparisons about newspaper readership that might interest you:

  • More than 100 million Americans read a newspaper every day and more than 115 million read a newspaper on any given Sunday.
  • More Americans read a printed newspaper than own dogs (74.8 million dogs owned).
  • More Americans read a printed newspaper each day than watch the Super Bowl (94 million viewers in 2009).
  • Four times more Americans read a printed newspaper than watch American Idol (23 million avg. viewers).
  • Almost 10 times more Americans read a newspaper each day than have an active Facebook account (10.5 million).

So, when was the last time that you picked up a newspaper? Don’t be left out of the crowd...

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