The Future is Clear!

Jun 01, 2009

The future of newspapers seems clear: many people will get their news delivered to their pocket.

That’s where mobile devices - like the increasinglysophisticated smart phones and other handheld devicessold by Apple, Palm and Blackberry - are kept.

Local news and information on mobile devices is booming; it’s the number one content sought by users. The attraction is that news and information about their communities can be delivered instantly, satisfying the need consumers have for always being connected to the world around them. And it can be delivered compellingly - there’s no question that news, photos, video and advertisements on devices like the iPhone present just as well as print or any website.

For instance, Verve Wireless is working with 1,500 newspapers nationwide to present their news on handsets. Usage is soaring – up 56 percent last month – and it is inevitable that within 12 months more people will access their news and information on mobile devices than desktops.

Advertising is taking off too, The Kelsey Group predicts local mobile will hit $2.3 billion by 2013, up from $160 million last year. Because mobile gives advertisers the opportunity to target content directly at users based on their location, demographic makeup, time of day and interests, it is the fastest growing category of digital media. Response rates on mobile are ten to 20 times higher, giving advertisers and media planners a superior ROI.

Here are the benefits of mobile advertising:

  • People are using their phones as mini computers, meaning advertisers can reach them at the time of highest emotional impact. Example: Coupon offers for dining options sent at 5 p.m. to targeted areas around restaurants.
  • Mobile is getting faster every day, meaning the ads display well and link nicely to rich media offers.
  • The ability to target advertising by location is huge for marketers. No other medium comes close to matching mobile.
  • Video and rich media are increasingly being used on mobile.
  • ROIs on mobile are sky-high. Response rates for coupons soar to 70 percent, a level unheard of in print or online.
  • Mobile is easy. If you have creative for print and online it’s easy to adapt to mobile’s specifications.
  • The best way to buy mobile is in conjunction with print and online. MANSI Media planners can help you integrate mobile coupons, banner and micro-site advertising into your marketing campaign.

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