Radio versus Newspaper Advertising


Consumers are inundated with advertising messages every day, so it is important for smart agencies and advertisers to be sure that their message cuts through the clutter. With the increasing prevalence of media fragmentation, it is crucial that all good advertising plans include a "media mix." Newspaper and radio advertising pair well together because of the unique benefits inherent to both mediums. And best of all, the cost of advertising in newspapers makes it affordable to include a complementary medium, like radio, to the media plan.

As in any good relationship, one partner brings a certain set of strengths and qualities that are often different from those possessed by the other partner.  Separately, they are good; but together, they are great.  The same can be said about the connection between newspaper and radio advertising.

In many markets, the cost of newspaper advertising and radio advertising are similar on a cost per thousand basis – allowing for ease of budgeting.

Whereas newspapers are a good reach medium boasting strong circulation, penetration and readership figures, radio is a frequency medium allowing advertisers to reach a small segment of the population over and over again.  The cost of advertising in newspapers makes it easy to convey the message to a large audience, and radio advertising reinforces it to a smaller, more targeted group.

The strength and integrity of the printed word lends credibility to newspaper advertising, and the sound and emotion associated with the spoken word enhances radio advertising.

Newspapers offer a variety of ad sizes and non-traditional ad units allowing for creative customization and flexibility. An advertiser can convey as much, or as little, detail and information as necessary. Similarly, radio offers a variety of ad sizes from ten-second sponsorships to thirty-second spots to full sixty-second commercial spaces.

Both newspapers and radio are flexible when it comes to scheduling.  There is very little lead time required to place an ad, and advertising creative can be changed quickly, and repeatedly, if necessary.

The beauty of teaming up both newspapers and radio in an advertising campaign is that together they can fully target a particular geographic area with the least amount of wasted advertising effort or budget. The cost of newspaper advertising and radio advertising allows agencies and advertisers the ability to achieve maximum exposure of their message along with a healthy return on their advertising investment.

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