Outdoor versus Newspaper advertising

All good advertising plans need to include a "media mix",  here we take a look at outdoor (out-of-home) and newspaper as comparable mediums

Outdoor Strengths:

  • Reach and frequency medium
  • Eye-catching size, increased quality of graphics
  • Ability to change copy quickly with digital boards
  • 30 day posting - 24/7
  • Cost

 Outdoor Weaknesses:

  • Inability to target audience
  • Length of message (10 words or less)
  • Limited availability
  • Short viewing time (3-5 seconds on average)

Newspaper Strengths:

  • Good reach medium - strong circulation, penetration and readership figures
  • Offers a variety of ad sizes and non-traditional ad units
  • Timeliness - can get an ad in quickly
  • Advertiser can convey a detailed message - no limit to size of ad
  • Credibility

Newspaper Weaknesses:

  • Passive medium - no "tug at heartstrings"
  • Perceived audience composition
  • Clutter
  • Cost

Outdoor can be an effective supplement to a newspaper campaign.  Both reach a broad audience. Adding outdoor to a newspaper campaign will lower your cpm and increases the coverage for light newspaper readers and younger consumers.  Newspapers will give you engaged readers who are searching for specific information and are ready to buy today.  Outdoor can be used to direct a consumer to a newspaper ad or coupon.  By combining the strengths of outdoor and newspaper, an advertiser can benefit by more economically reaching a large audience.

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