Newspapers Offer Valuable Consumer Audience

Oct 01, 2010

Although the latest ABC audit reports indicate that newspaper circulation continues to decline as a nationwide average, readership numbers remain strong. According to a recent Scarborough Research study, more than 71 percent of adults, or 165.6 million people, read a newspaper in print or online in the last week. In its USA+ Study (Release 1, 2010), Scarborough surveyed more than 210,000 adults across the country to examine their media habits and consumer behaviors.

These latest findings from Scarborough show that newspapers continue to attract consumers with buying power. Specifically, 80 percent of adults in households earning $100,000 or more read a newspaper in print or online each week. With this statistic, newspapers can demonstrate to advertisers that they have an impressive consumer audience that no other medium can equal.

This research study shows that newspapers offer a very valuable demographic of readers who are highly educated and ready to shop and spend. Here are some specific data points that demonstrate these findings.

In an average week:

  • 85 percent of adults who have done post-graduate work or who have advanced degrees read a print newspaper or visited a newspaper website.
  • 81 percent of women in a management or professional position with a household income of $100,000 a year or more read a newspaper in print or online; 73 percent read the print product .
  • Full-time working women who shop read newspapers in large numbers. A high percentage of those who bought at the following stores in the last 30 days read a newspaper in print or online last week: JC Penney (75 percent); Lord & Taylor (87 percent); Macy’s (77 percent); Neiman Marcus (76 percent); Nordstrom (78 percent); Kohl’s (76 percent); Target (75 percent); TJ Maxx (76 percent); Wal-Mart (74 percent).
  • 76 percent of adults who spent more than $500 on finejewelry in the last year read a newspaper in print or online; 80 percent of adults who spent $500 or more on business clothing read a newspaper in print or online, the figure is 77 percent for those who spent more than $500 on women’s shoes.

Although the way that readers access newspaper content is constantly evolving, newspapers continue to offer a strong and powerful audience of consumers who engage with their integrated products each week.

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