Cable Television versus Newspaper advertising

If you can impress a client by creating an advertising schedule that produces results, more than likely, that client will continue spending money with you.  To gain and maintain your credibility as a savvy media buyer, it's important to recognize the times when pairing certain mediums can lead to a win-win situation for you and your client.

 Cable Television Strengths:

  • Frequency medium - reasonable rates allow for significant purchasing power
  • Ability to narrowly target desired audience - geographically and demographically
  • Message contains audio and video - draws the viewer in emotionally
  • Added value opportunities - many cable advertising providers will include no charge commercial, sponsorships and/or merchandising as part of the media buy

 Cable Television Weaknesses:

  • Audience fragmentation - viewers have too many choices
  • Must buy a large volume of commercials in order to make an impression
  • Television spot production costs can be prohibitive
  • Advertising buy generally made during wide day part window for cost efficiency (6p-12p)

Newspaper Strengths:

  • Good reach medium - strong circulation, penetration and readership figures
  • Offers a variety of ad sizes and non-traditional ad units
  • Timeliness - can get an ad in quickly
  • Advertiser can convey a detailed message - no limit to size of ad
  • Credibility

Newspaper Weaknesses:

  • Passive medium - no "tug at heartstrings"
  • Perceived audience composition
  • Clutter
  • Cost

Cable television and newspaper advertising are complementary mediums.  Newspapers reach the masses, but most also offer the option for an advertiser to more narrowly target their advertising message by running in a zoned or neighborhood edition.  Cable television provides the frequency necessary for a balanced media schedule by affordably allowing for a commercial to run over and over again targeting a more specific audience.  Both mediums allow for geographical targeting, which is especially important to a local advertiser.  By combining the strengths of cable television and newspaper, ad advertiser can benefit from more effectively and economically reaching their desired audience.

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