Broadcast Television versus Newspaper advertising

All good advertising plans need to include a "media mix",  here we take a look at broadcast television and newspaper as comparable mediums.

Broadcast Television Strengths:

  • Offers excellent reach due to DMA coverage
  • Creates emotional appeal through use of audio and visual
  • Advertiser can target message through selective programming
  • Glamorous medium - larger than life

Broadcast Television Weaknesses:

  • Audience composition - losing viewers to cable
  • Advertising message avoidance increasing through technology (TiVo, DVR)
  • High Television insertion cost
  • Plus, commercial production costs

Newspaper Strengths:

  • Good reach medium - strong circulation, penetration and readership figures
  • Offers a variety of ad sizes and non-traditional ad units
  • Timeliness - can get an ad in quickly
  • Advertiser can convey a detailed message - no limit to size of ad
  • Credibility

Newspaper Weaknesses:

  • Passive medium - no "tug at heartstrings"
  • Perceived audience composition
  • Clutter
  • Cost

 Both broadcast and newspaper are strong reach mediums.  If you are looking to reach a mass audience, these two mediums will work well. 

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