MANSI Print Media Research – It’s Like GPS For Your Ad

GPS units are everywhere. 
You can find them in cars, boats, and planes. 

Runners wear GPS watches and now golf courses have them right in the carts.  With this kind of technology, people have no excuse to get lost.  Don’t you wish ad campaigns could be researched with the same accuracy?  Well, get ready to kiss the genie because your wish just came true.

Think of MANSI Media as your own personal GPS. As a leading provider of research in print media, we'll shepherd your campaign down the road to success. If you're ever felt lost at sea trying to develop an effective newspaper advertising strategy that will bring your brand to the attention of the right demographics, look no further.

MANSI Media can provide print media research based on every possible combination of criteria you can think of.  Do you want research for publications within a 50 mile radius of a store location?  How about all of your store locations?  Do you want data for specific zip codes?  How about research to find every town in a 5 state area with a college?

MANSI Media: Expert Research in Print Media

We've been a leading provider of research in print media for over 20 years. Whatever info you're looking for, our team of experts can give you accurate reporting that allows you to hone in on a selected demographic or  geographic area. At MANSI Media, we know print media research is the core of an effective newspaper advertising campaign, and we can make sure your ad is seen by the people you want to see it.

Print Media Research

Any combination of interests or special needs that you can throw at us will return so much data that it will make your head spin—and not in a creepy horror movie way!  From ethnicity to income data, we have got you covered.  And don’t think this cool info only applies to the publications you can hold in your hand.  If they have a Web site, we’ll capture that too.

This level of print media research will help you target your ad with laser-like precision.  It is the same research you would get if you had contacted each and every property yourself. But instead of wasting time listening to hold music, you can place one phone call to us, have a life, impress others around you and leave the office on time (now there’s a novel concept).