Newspaper Advertising Services

Support comes in many forms. 
Whether it’s a good friend or a sturdy ladder, everyone needs it from time to time. 

Most places say they offer support centers and help desks; but, what they really mean is that you will spend half your life in an endless cycle of 80’s hold music and transferred calls.

Newspaper Advertising Services For Clients of All Sizes

MANSI Media is here to help agencies with newspaper advertisingWhen it comes to placing newspaper ads, MANSI Media offers all the support your organization needs. And making it happen is as simple as sending us one email or making one phone call. Instantly, we’ll extend your reach both in print and on the Web.  We’ve supported many other
networks in their placement needs. They include the Newspaper National Network, Catholic Ad Network, and Midwest Advertising Placement (MAP) just to name a few.

No matter the size of your campaign, MANSI Media newspaper advertising help will assist you in implementing the media placement services that are right for you. Whether your scope is local, national or international, our newspaper advertising services can help you meet your goals.

A Leader in Marketing Support Services

Our support system delivers print media research, proposals and plans that make sure you are reaching the right person with the right message. We’ll not only hit your target, we will nail the center—anywhere, every time. And after the placement is done, you’ll receive a single package of tearsheets, detailed reports and one invoice to pay.

One of the best parts of the marketing support services we give is our campaign software. With it, we track your campaign with laser accuracy. Think of it as our own super computer for newspaper ad placement anywhere in the world. It makes planning, paying vendors, even delivering post campaign stats simple, accurate and most importantly, fast. We mean really fast. 

Let Us Do The Work For You

For over 20 years, MANSI Media has been providing national newspaper advertising services to ad agencies and in-house marketing professionals on campaigns of all sizes. We know the newspaper industry and we know advertising. Best of all, you won't pay a cent more than you would by placing the ad on your own.

Plan, Place, Pronto

MANSI Media's newspaper advertising services make growing your brand simple. We'll provide the research and experience to develop a comprehensive placement strategy that meets your specific needs. For your next marketing campaign, let the experts in newspaper advertising help you. Lighten your load today.  Give us a call or shoot us an email. Good support is hard to find, but fortunately, your search is over. We’ll provide the no-hassle support that you can count on.